Why Do It All Yourself?

I feel that Pam Young gets to a key point for me, which is wasting energy wishing I were something I am not, and seeing others as better than I am. That, in turn, can sap my energy, and so I have less for taking care of those mundane tasks, like keeping things neat.

She goes farther than acceptance, though, she encourages each person to acknowledge that they have special gifts that can be offered to their families and their world. She also points out that many of us are trying to be independent, to do it all ourselves, and live up to a fantasy standard. She proposes that we find our strengths – actually, our joy – and get help for the rest. Pam has other good and workable ideas, too.

Pam’s life has had dramatic peaks and valleys, which she shares in order to illustrate her points. Her story also demonstrates how she herself has grown, has changed her opinions and approaches.

This is not an in-depth psychological study of ADD, but a combination of storytelling and life lessons learned from a woman who has had a remarkable turnaround in her life, and who seems to genuinely desire such a turnaround in the lives of others.


Pam Here: When you read this book, it will change the way you see yourself and your mess. It’s my prayer it will change your life too.

The Joy of Being Disorganized is NOW available in paperback! 

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