It Took Part in Getting Me Healthy

Dear FlyLady,

I had begun with FlyLady several years ago, but had let it go by the wayside. Now, as the chaos gets bigger, I decided I needed FlyLady again. No sooner had I signed up and worked on my kitchen sink, then I got sick – sore throat, runny nose, coughing, chills. So after being up for only a few hours that first morning of sickness, I decided I’d really love a nice bath and a nap. Problem was I needed to clean the tub before taking said bath. Well, in the spirit of loving myself and getting myself healthier, I cleaned the tub. Then, while the tub was filling, I went ahead and cleaned the rest of the bathroom (except the floor), since it was the warmest part of the house, helping my chills.

It made me smile when I got to take a bath. It made me smile knowing my tub was clean. It made me smile seeing my clean bathroom sink, and kitchen sink from its earlier cleaning.

Day 2 I smiled when I took my bath. On this day, the refrigerator decided to start acting up. DH took all the contents out of the fridge and freezer and tried fixing. Turned out the freezer needed defrosting – long overdue! Well, now was the perfect opportunity to clean the disgusting refrigerator. It was actually on the kitchen to-do for the day from FlyLady! I took breaks as needed, cleaned the fridge and put everything back, much better organized. As a result, I found something easy I could throw together for dinner and made dinner. That was the only work I did. I still took care of myself, but my family was very appreciative. I smiled every time I opened the fridge.

On day 3 I began feeling a bit better, and did one of my kitchen countertops, not to perfection, as per FlyLady email. (Although, FlyLady, if you saw my counter, you’d probably have told me to just do one foot.) Nevertheless, I still rested most of the day, and made dinner.

Now I go through the house, and I have several things I smile about every day, after only a few days back with FlyLady, and getting sick on top of all that! I did it all with a sense of FinallyLovingMyself, and caring for my family. Smiling about a  few things clean in my house helped when feeling miserable. It was part of taking care of me!

Fluttering in Alaska

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