My Dog is Delighted

Dear FlyLady,
I just had to write to tell you my dog is delighted with my shining sink routine!  Allow me to explain.  I’ve been “baby-stepping” along since September of last year when I first found you, and the one habit I have really been working to maintain is to shine my sink each night.  I am about 85% on it as of this writing, and still working.Anyway, my husband and I are about to renovate our home and I’ve been packing up my kitchen all day and moving things out to other areas of the house.  Needless to say, I was pretty beat by 10pm, when I finally decided to call it a day.  I glanced at the sink and thought that I just couldn’t muster up the strength to tackle it tonight.  I puttered around the house a bit and kept having to step over my sweet little dog, who seemed unusually underfoot tonight.  Finally, I headed back to the kitchen and looked at the dishes in my sink.  There weren’t that many really, and I do enjoy having a clean and shiny sink in the morning.  I know the hardest part for me is just getting started, and once I’m past that, I actually enjoy the work.  So I got started.

The first thing I like to do is get the empty dog food can washed out and set into my recycling bin.  As I looked through the contents in my sink, I realized there was NO CAN!!!  This could only mean one thing!  I NEVER FED MY DOG TONIGHT!!!!!  I gotta tell you, this is a first for me!  I’ve had this dog for over 4 years and have never forgotten to feed her!  No wonder she kept positioning herself directly in front of me!  The poor dear had finally given up and gone off to bed!  She came running when I called her though, and wolfed down her bowl of food without hesitation!   That habit of shining my sink every night was the only way I would have known, and the only reason my canine friend didn’t go to bed hungry tonight!

Thank you, thank you, for helping me to form these simple but important habits!  You are truly a blessing to me!

Baby-stepping in Southern Oregon

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