It Has Changed My Outlook

Wow, Pam! I’m only on Chapter 5, but I can’t believe how much this book has helped me change my outlook—on everything! I don’t even know where to begin… first of all, just hearing that Einstein, Jacqueline Kennedy, even OPRAH have the same issues as me was a huge boost. I’ve always felt very alone with my messiness, I don’t know anyone who has the same problems as me. Now I see the good news in that—-I have a lot of role models for the normalcy and peace I want to achieve in my house. (I only know one BOP, but she’s an influential one—Mom!) I’m also very into the idea of seeing my chaos as a gift, and in a way I’ve seen it that way for a while.

I’ve known, somehow, that my messiness was related to feelings of unworthiness, rebellion, immaturity, etc. and those ugly emotions have sent me into a tailspin of depression and sadness, which keeps the whole cycle repeating ad nauseam…literally for decades now. The gift is that my messiness and disorganization are the red flag letting me know that there’s a problem, aka a very wounded and neglected little 5 year old. I’ve always had a strong negative reaction to any talk of the “inner child” and the quiz got me thinking about that, and that usually when you have such a strong reaction it means PAY ATTENTION!

Sadly, all I was doing was what other adults did to little Kimmy, dismissed and disrespected her feelings and emotions. Fortunately she is a VERY strong little girl, and has refused to be ignored. She’s gonna be heard!! Anyway, I can’t believe how much I’ve gotten from only about 1/4 of the book. I cannot wait to see what I learn in the other 75% of the book. THANK YOU!!!! PS: I was so excited to see you’re in Portland (I think); that’s where I live too.

Kimberly K


Pam here: I wanted to include all of Kimberly’s email, because it perfectly illustrates how beneficial it is to put ourselves in a new light of self-appreciation. The little girl in each of us is precious and when we pay attention to and love that immature part of us, something magical happens and you can see that magic in Kimberly’s testimonial. My inner child is named Nelly and when I decided to get organized I didn’t know she was part of me, but she was. My reason to get organized was so that I could have more free time to play! “Hello, Nelly!” Now that I have a rich relationship with her, I know that she is truly the key to my happiness. After all, happiness is an inside job and I believe we are here to be happy. To order The Joy Of Being Disorganized please Click Here!

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