Young@Heart: 5 Ways To Get Rid of Doubt

When you doubt, you’ve stopped trusting the power that created the Universe. Such a silly thing to do when it’s put that way, don’t you think? If you plugged a lamp into the socket, and the light didn’t go on, you’d figure the bulb was burned out or you hadn’t paid the electric bill. In other words it would be something on your end that caused the light not to work. You would never doubt that the power of electricity was no longer effective.

So when you doubt yourself or have doubts about some event or other person, the problem is on your end, because the power that created the Universe has your back and there is nothing to worry about. So how do you fix your end of this deal? I’ve come up with 5 ways to get rid of doubt so you can stay hooked into the joyful source of your life and see the truth that all is well.

1. Put yourself first

The most important thing to do when you feel doubt is think something that makes you feel good. Sometimes it helps to go outside to summon happy thoughts or read spiritual material that fills you with positive energy, or look through a travel magazine and focus on a dream vacation.

2. Stay alert to your mood

When you get used to rehearsing a problem you can get into the habit of negative thinking. When you decide to focus on feeling good, then it’s important to monitor your thoughts carefully. It gets easy to do with practice and it’s quite fun. When a negative doubt comes in you’ll be able to say, “Oops, you can’t come in

3. Don’t pick up what you went to bed with

When you sleep, your mind gets to defrag and you actually wake up positive. If you’re not careful though, if you went to sleep worrying those worries will emerge.

If you have good thoughts that make you feel good ready to start thinking instead of thinking, ‘What was I worried about yesterday? Oh yeah, I’m sad because Calvin left me,’ you’ll just pick up the yesterday’s doubt like a garbage man picks up garbage.

4. Play and do something you love

When you’re working through a negative situation (we have to have them and I’ll talk about that in a minute) be selfish about doing what you love. Sing, play with your cat, call a friend, get a massage, read your favorite book, watch an uplifting movie are some ideas.

5. Put your doubt on your dog

Our animals know when we’re not happy and they can absorb our negative energy and magically neutralize it. There’s a whole new field (thank God) in which animals are trained as therapy animals. Dogs are the best transformers, but then I’m a dog lover. I suppose horses are too, but I’ve not met a therapy horse. Tell your dog the whole problem and then get busy thinking happy thoughts and doing happy things.

                       Why do we have to go through negative stuff?

Now I want to talk about going through negative times. I think deep down inside our psyches we need and actually enjoy contrasts. If we were never sick we wouldn’t love feeling good. If we didn’t get tired, we wouldn’t enjoy being rested as much. If we didn’t get hungry we wouldn’t enjoy our meals. If someone said to you right after you ate a nice dinner, “You wanna go out and have dinner at your favorite restaurant?” You wouldn’t want to. It wouldn’t even sound good to you.

So if you’re going through a time that’s less than happy, first and foremost, know it’s temporary and then make your priority be to feel good no matter what.

And talking about feeling good, if you really want to feel good, I think this chapter in my latest book The Joy of Being Disorganized will really lighten your day. The chapter is called There Arose Such a Clutter and it will get you in the mood to de-clutter.

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