Getting Started After A Dead Stop

FinallyLoveYourselfDear FlyLady,

I have a background story:

1.  I had a BAD divorce. I believe I still loved him anyway. I never participated in the finances so I had no idea what amount the bills were and how to budget.
2. I remarried a blood sucker. I had money and was paying the bills without any financial help from him. I have to say I got depressed and let the house go.
3. The father, my first husband, committed suicide, depression set in worse.
4. After 10 years I divorced again.
5. I started losing the home due to letting him have a loan, years earlier, using my home for collateral and he quit paying the loan.
6. I had a house fire and although I lost many things, I still had a HORD of stuff.
7. I had to move into a smaller home with my HORD of stuff and I lost my job.

All this time I’m taking care of my mother. Now I decided to have a life!!  To get myself and house in order. I’m de-cluttering and yes, I’m selling a lot.  This has become my new job. Getting a clear head started because I watched your video on youtube and laced my shoes every morning.  Then shined my sink. And cleaned the bathroom. It’s the first place I go in the morning and going to a clean place starts my day out in a positive mood.

I am working on the perfectionist part with timers.  Yes, it took years to accumulate all this stuff and it will take awhile to get through it. I no longer beat myself up everyday when I look at it. I look at it as inventory to sell.

I look at a closet or drawer and if it doesn’t fit in what I want it to look like, it has to go.  The same thing goes for a room, if it has things in it that I don’t want in my mental picture of how I want the room to look like, things have to go.

I signed up for your emails and this will help with the cleaning, but like you say, you can’t organize clutter. So as a space gets uncluttered, I’m keeping it clean.

Thank You,


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