Eat As If Your Life Depended On It

Hello Friends,

What if every bite you put in your mouth gave your body something that would make you stronger and healthier?

How many times have you wished it could be easier to lose weight, to get healthier?

Yes it can be a struggle to get on (and stay on) that healthy path.

But what if you simply started by focusing on replacing empty calories with calories that deliver nutrition to your body?

Here are three things for you to think about—some food for thought if you will:

1. Grains may not be your friend.

I know—we’ve all been told to eat our whole grains, right? They’re heart healthy after all.

But what if wheat wasn’t good for you. What if you could actually be damaging your digestive system by eating gluten containing grains? And it’s not just those with celiac disease that need to be concerned. Gluten does damage when it passes through your gut. Gluten can actually create tiny holes in your gut’s lining, allowing toxins and undigested bits of food to enter parts of your body they shouldn’t. This leads to food sensitivities, inflammation, and all sorts of assorted trouble.

You can break up with bread. I promise you won’t die. There are options out there. Try wrapping your sandwich in some nice crisp lettuce leaves and you’re getting a great source of fiber and nutrients.

2. Sugar is also a well-known enemy.

Sugar is very bad news. No surprise there, but the new research has really shed light on how bad it is.

Not only is sugar just about as addictive as heroin, sugar wreaks havoc in the body, putting you at risk for a slew of diseases and different types of cancer. Sugar can actually even disrupt brain function.

And just when you think you’re doing good to say no to obvious sugars, there’s sugar hiding in everything– from granola and fruit juice to marinades and bread.

Nature has provided us with plenty of sweetness in the form of honey and maple syrup, two forms of sugar that actually possess many health benefits (in moderation, people!).

3. Pesticides are the most evil of all.

If you think organic produce is an unnecessary extra expense, think again. The scary truth is, the pesticides and herbicides used on today’s conventionally grown produce are horrifying. And the really scary part is, we don’t know how these cocktails of chemicals are going to behave in our bodies.

Many of those chemicals are messing up your hormones leading to a whole host of health threats, including breast and prostate cancers. And while organic food is not a cure-all for cancer by any means, eating as organically as you can will lower your risk as long as you have a healthy lifestyle, too like exercising, sleeping well, lowering your stress levels, not smoking and eating a lot of veggies.

Plus, studies show that organic produce actually includes more nutrients and antioxidants than their non-organic counterparts.

There you have it: 3 things. Three major changes: Avoid gluten containing grains, avoid sugar, and avoid chemicals. What if you started to eat like your life depended on it?

Leanne Ely, Your Dinner Diva

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