My Duster Needs A Bath

Dear FlyLady,

HELP! I used my beautiful feather duster on some really dirty mini blinds and now it is looking very poorly. I can’t remember what you said was the best way to clean them. I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

This is to anyone who has not bought a FlyLady feather duster yet. It is the BEST thing you could buy for yourself. It makes dusting so much easier and quicker. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

FlyBaby in California


Dear FlyBaby in California,

If you have been putting off getting yourself this fun tool, don’t wait too long! Our husbands love to get new tools to make their jobs go easier. Usually those tools cost a whole lot more than our cute little dusters. You will love your FlyLady Feather Duster so much that you will use it every day. When it only takes you 2 minutes to feather dust, you don’t mind dusting. Where were these dusters when we were kids?

It is just a little dirt. No worries. All you really need to do is get a bucket of warm water and some baby shampoo. Don’t use much and lather it up and rinse. You can let it air dry or you can blow dry it.

You can also check out this page for more care instructions.

Ok everyone! Get out your dusters and let’s do 2 minutes!


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