Changing Your Settings

Dear FlyBabies,
Our system is based on emails that help you to change the way you feel and think about keeping your house clean and orderly. Every day we get complaints about our messages.  I will never apologize for them. They have helped many people to FLY.
We have moved our email system back to Constant Contact because we were having issues with our members not being able to change to FlyLady Lite. Now it is really easy to change your email preferences.
Scroll to the bottom our message and you will see this. All you have to do is Update Profile to change to FlyLady Lite or Unsubscribe with SafeUnsubscribe.

Our messages are free for everyone. When you purchase items from the FlyShop, you help us to pay the wonderful people who work with me every day. Email providers cost money. We have been unable to find any FREE ones in several years. Network television pays for it’s programming via commercials. Apps have free versions and paid versions without ads. We send out some amazing testimonials from our FlyBabies. Some of them bring tears to my eyes.

Now for “Changing Your Personal Settings”

On Wednesday the Lenten Season starts. Every year I give up one item and add a new one. This year I am decluttering one item for 40 days.  As for adding something new. I will be writing for at least 15 minutes each day on a new book.

If you are trying to come up with something to give up and something to add; then declutter one item each day and commit to reading one musing for the next 40 days.

Please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Allow our messages to sink into your heart and mind. It is your perfectionism that expects you to get your home in order without making a change in your attitude. It took me nine months of decluttering everyday and building my routines one habit at a time; to give birth to a new me! The main change I made was to be kind to myself in the process. That is what FLYing is all about.

Are you Ready to FLY?


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