We Stopped Nagging

Dear House Fairy,

I signed up for your fabulous program before Christmas and our DD Jessica is in love with you! It is amazing to us how the simple idea of having someone other than us tell her what to do has changed everything. And we have had so much fun playing House Fairy using all your tools and suggestions!

Jessica is five years old and she loves all the videos in your program and her room is consistently clean and neat. She is also very proud to be in your hall of clean rooms! The only problem we’ve had so far was when she told us she was going to ask Santa Claus for a House Fairy doll. LOL. (Fortunately she forgot to ask him when she went to see him.)

I wanted to let you know that you took away nagging and put fun into having neat and tidy bedrooms. (Our bedroom is also much better.)

Grace in Cincinnati


House Fairy here: I’m so pleased my 65 videos and all the tools for parents that I’ve put into the House Fairy program are working for parents and children. We have more than 20,000 families that have joined and you can check out the thousands of clean rooms in my House Fairy Hall of Clean Rooms.

If you’re having a problem with your kids having messy rooms and it’s a source of nagging and fighting, let me help.

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