Young@Heart: 5 Things You Don’t Have To Do Today

I’ve never been a fan of making a To Do list every day, probably because most of my work is a habit and I’ve never been too busy to do the next thing that needs to be done on a daily basis. 3×5 cards really helped me when I was a busy, young mom and homemaker, because they gave me direction without having to make a daily list.

I’ve had women admit to me that they put things they’ve done on a list, so they can cross them off. That strikes me funny! I’ve never needed to feel that productive.

If you have to make a To Do list, maybe your life’s too busy. Think of ways to simplify it so you can appreciate more moments in this thing called life that’s whizzing by you without your notice. Just like we don’t know how fast our little planet is spinning and flying through the cosmos, we miss the speed in which our lives are hurtling through time. It’s only when we see photographs of the past that we notice the changes.

So, if you’re inclined to make lists and add auxiliary tasks you did that weren’t on the list in the first place so you can cross them off and feel more productive, here are 5 things you don’t have to do today. Now if you want to write them down so you can cross them off, you’re going to have to write the word “don’t” in front of each one. Oh, and while you’re at it, add to that list, Have a wonderful day!

Today, you don’t have to:

1.    Rob a Bank
2.   Jump off a Bridge
3.   Join the Circus
4.   Lock Your Kids in a Box Car
5.   Run Off with the UPS Guy

If you do make this list, just a word of caution; don’t leave it lying around. Your family might think you’re certifiable and we need you to be the wonderful, peace keeper in your home that you are.

I’d love you to share with me one thing you’re not going to do today. Be sure it’s something that makes you feel glad you’re not going to do it. Just write to and I’ll make a big list and share it with you later.

Thank you for reading my Young@Heart! I hope you’ll share it with someone who otherwise just might be tempted to run off and join the circus.

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