Get a Move On

FlyLady Reusable Grocery BagsDear Friends,

Thursday is my errand day. I have plenty things to do in town, people to see, maybe have lunch with my husband. I better get a “move on” as we say in the south. Today may not be your errand day but I know you have one.

Do you have your list made before you go shopping? A list is so freeing, except when you forget and leave it at home. I have had to turn around to go back home many times because when I commit the items we need to my list; I dismiss it from my mind.

We are all so good at making to do list and never even looking at them again. This is why I love my routines. I don’t have to think any more about what needs to be done. My Control Journal and establishing one habit at a time is what keeps me from running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Believe it or not one of the main things on my list today is to buy cleaning supplies. I don’t recommend many. I love my Windex and Dawn Dishwashing liquid. When you run out of the things your routines tend to fall by the wayside.

Have you started your list for this week’s shopping trip? If not get it out and get a “move on”! “Times a wastin’!” I keep my notepad on the end of the kitchen counter. Everyone uses it. Cozi has a great shopping app on their calendar.

Be sure an put your FlyLady Grocery Bags in your car before you leave!

Are you ready to FLY Through your Errand Day?


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