Young@Heart: We Have To Do It Again!

When I set out each morning to write my essay for the day, my main goal is to be light hearted and joyful and to fill my screen with words that uplift and hopefully bring positive joy and inspiration to those of you who graciously take the time to read what I have to write. I can’t do that today!

I’m sorry in advance. You know, once in a while a guy just has to let negative thoughts eke out and maybe by the time I’ve finished “venting” this’ll turn out to be a happy essay, but no promises.

First off, I feel just like a cow in a herd of Jerseys who’s been thoughtlessly following the herd. At least in my scenario, I’m an American cow with rights guaranteed to me by the Constitution. I almost think it’d be better if I were really a cow, because if I were, I wouldn’t have to pay any attention to the issue I’m about to write about… Daylight Savings Time DST.

You won’t believe why we have it! It was originally for the cows—well the cow’s farmers. But that’s nuts, because cows don’t care what time it is!

A poll conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation indicated that Americans liked Daylight Saving Time because “there is more light in the evenings and we can do more in the evenings.”

I beg your pardon Sister American, there’s just as much to do in the morning as there is in the evening, if you ask me. I think DST is for the birds — night owls. I guess if you’re one of those foul you love national permission to sleep in and stay up later. But if you’re an early bird, it just means you have to go to bed when it’s light out if you want to get your proper sleep.

So here I sit, knowing when I’m through with this essay I need to collect the manuals for the five clocks in my life; bathroom, kitchen stove, microwave, office and car, so I can remember how to change each of them on Sunday. Then on Saturday night, I’ll “spring forward” with every cow on the continent and spend the next week adjusting to what it really means to my daily life.

So, if you feel like a cow like me, get your cowbell on and let’s lead our herds into spring! Now that sounds fun! The sun is just coming up and it’s going to be a blue sky day here in Washington. I’m out of here!

Thank you for reading my essay and have a beautiful spring day!

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