The House Fairy is Just an Email Away

Dear House Fairy,

I just told my 4 year old that I got an email from you. Instead of reading him your message I told him that the House Fairy wanted to let us know that she’s BACK from Holiday break and is hoping that all the children are ready to get back to keeping their rooms tidy. She understands that it’s hard after the holiday, with all the new toys and new clothes to put away, but she really wants to leave special surprises so she will be checking rooms again very soon.

Well – I didn’t even finish that last sentence and my 4 year old was literally dashing up the stairs to his room! That’s the magic of the House Fairy! It’s so much better than me having to be SCROOGE after Christmas!

Kelly Lang

House Fairy here:

I totally understand how much stuff there is after any holiday and we need to help our kids have streamlined bedrooms so they are easy to keep neat and tidy. I like my rule of seven of each clothing item and as far as toys go, less is more. You know how your kids can get overwhelmed by too many toys, and then come to you saying, “I’m bored.” You could tell your children the House Fairy wants them to box up all of their no longer needed or wanted items, she will gladly whisk them off to those in need. (That way, when she comes to make an inspection she can take the stuff back to Fairyland.) To find out more about the House Fairy and join in the fun go to

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