A New Habit for April

Dear Friends,

I have a few questions for you.

1. When you walk past your bedroom do you avert your eyes?
2. Do you keep the door closed to hide your clutter?
3. Do you have problems getting your children to clean their room?
4. Does the feel of this room make you smile or cringe?
5. Are you tired of tripping over things in the middle of the night?
6. Do you have a bedspread you love?

Well I can’t imagine ever sleeping in a messy room again. This room should be the cleanest room in your home, not your dumping ground for your Stash and Dash way of cleaning.

It wasn’t until I found a quilt that I loved for a bedspread, that our room became a sanctuary. At that point, I started making my bed every morning. The “made bed”, became my SHINY SINK of our bedroom. From there, the order started to spread around the room. If you will try this, you will see the difference in the atmosphere of your bedroom.

Once your room is clean and peaceful; then you have the right to tell your children to clean their rooms. If you don’t practice what you preach, you don’t have credibility and are not a good example for your babies.

I have said it many times! Your bedroom should be the cleanest room in the house! I mean it too. Start getting rid of the clutter that you have piled against the wall, on the dresser and night stands.

Also I am not telling you to go out and buy a brand new bedspread. For now use what you have, you will still feel the change in your room if you just make your bed and toss some throw pillows on it. If you don’t like your bedspread, then you are going to be less inclined to make your bed. Keep searching for a spread that makes you smile. Use some of that money you are saving from making out your weekly shopping list and menus. Tell your family you have one picked out at the department store that you would love for a gift. Do you even know what you like? Look in catalogs to find out what your style is. This could be a fun way to window shop. Save your pennies. I found mine on sale; It was a king sized quilt and it just fit my Queen sized bed as a spread. I only paid $30.00.

It makes me happy every time I walk into our room. In fact it was the best $30.00 I ever spent and it took me 6 months to find it. So start yourself bedspread fund if you are not happy with your room. I want you to practice making your bed every morning when you get up and before you leave your room. Just the straightened covers will make your room feel wonderful. Don’t tell me that you can’t afford to even look at one, I have done a lot of window shopping in my life. If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to save your pennies and get it.

Anything is possible when you set a goal. I want you to FLY and keep in mind that you are worth something and deserve to have a bedroom that makes your heart sing!

Are you ready to Finally Love Your Bedroom?



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