My Husband Gave Me Three Wishes

Dear Pam,

For my birthday (50th) my DH gave me three wishes!  One wish had to be something fun, one wish had to be something educational and one was just a free wish with no subject attached.  My fun wish was to go on a cruise (yeah I know I was really testing this genie).  My educational wish was a course in Spanish at our local college and for my free wish I decided to turn the wishing tables on him so I wished for him to use it to make his own.

He loved that, BUT, his wish was that we get our finances organized.  GULP! My first thought was, there goes the cruise and my second thought was so much for learning Spanish!  My husband makes a good living but we were spending every cent of it and often have had to pull in our belts toward the end of almost every month.

I’m writing because I want you to know that you, Pam, are the real genie!  We bought your audio book to grant my husband’s wish and listened to it in a weekend.  You gave us the courage to face our finances and grow up!  We didn’t go on the cruise (it would have been charged with one of those convenient checks that come with bank card statements) but I’m learning Spanish in trade for piano lessons.  What is the best out of all of this is what fun we are having getting out of debt!  And we are saving for a cruise and will be able to go with cash in 35 months!  I am so excited looking forward to it which is always almost as much fun as the real event!  Did I get my three wishes?  You bet!  Fun, education and peace!!!



Pam here: It takes growing up to turn down a cruise and figure out other ways to get what we want without going into debt. Congratulations to Rachael! Debt is so easy to get into and until we address that part of us that allows us to buy stuff on credit we just sink deeper and deeper into debt. Debt saps us of our peace. The GOOD Book: Get Out Of Debt will help you find the peace of being debt free. My motto is, Make it fun and it will get done. I was truly shocked to discover how much fun I had getting out of debt!

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