Thanks For The Stickers

Hey Pam,

Thanks for thinking up the stickers to put on money! I bought them and they came today! I was very impressed with the brightness of the colors and the great array of funny disguises. We have three graduations this spring and the stickers are perfect for the money I’m giving! I purchased the graduation greeting cards at Hallmark, knowing I’d be using the stickers to give the grads money. Like you said, the top gift wish for college grads (and I’m sure high school grads as well) is MONEY. It took me five minutes to create framed masterpieces in each card and now I can just enjoy knowing I’ve given the gift that everybody can use. No returns!

From a happy customer in Texas.


Pam here: The Stick It Right On the Money Gift Giving Kit is a big hit with my subscribers who choose to give money for birthdays, holidays, graduations etc to their loved ones. With 90 sticker disguises for the guys on currency, it’s a fun and creative way to give cash as your gift. Your friends and family will love your creativity.

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