Float, Stroke, and FLY

Float Stroke FLYDear Friends,

Do you ever feel like you are barely able to keep your head above water? You keep treading water and you never seem to get anyplace. Are you are sinking in chaos and do your struggles keep you exhausted and gasping for air?

Are you waiting for someone to save you? I can’t save you but you can save yourself. You have to be willing to stop the struggle and relax. I know that this is hard to believe because we are comfortable doing things the way we have always done them. We don’t even know there is another way to survive and really live without having to fight for every breath.

When you first learned to swim your teacher taught you how to float. You just lie back in the water and relax and before you know it you are floating without any effort on your part. Your breathing is slow and calm. Your limbs are relaxed and you feel free. But you had to be willing to lie back and relax. If you struggled you would sink. It is that willingness to
If you just want to fill in the blanks the order the one I made for you. Control Journal let go that keeps you afloat.

Control Journal

This is what our routines do for you! You have to willing to try a few of the habits before bed and a few mo

ore in the morning. These little habits free you up to float through your day. By just starting with a simple Control Journal you can practice letting go of your perfectionism. You don’t always have to be in control; you can turn on your automatic pilot and allow your routines do the work to keep your head out of the water.

Floating is the simple part, now we have to learn how to propel ourselves through the water. I am going to teach you the strokes and you are never going to believe how easy this really is. All you have to do is stroke yourself as in be attentive to your needs and take care of you. Go to bed at a decent hour, eat good healthy food, drink your water and listen to your heart.

As you relax and let your routines keep your head out of the water; you are going to be more apt to hear your own needs. Before, the thrashing of your arms and legs along with the stress of feeling like you were drowning had kept you from be able to listen. As things start to calm down you will have new ears to hear.

You can do this! After all, what you have been doing just has you treading water furiously and you are barely keeping your head above the waves. I will meet you on the other side of the water. I will be waiting for you with my pretty umbrella tropical drink and the peace that comes from letting go of my perfectionism. Perfectionism is not a life line. Routines make your house a home and turn just surviving into living a full and productive life!

Wake up to your pretty sink and rise and shine yourself! Your willingness to let go is the key to Finally Loving Yourself.

Float, Stroke, and FLY!


Here is a link for how to build your own Control Journal.

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