A New Under-the-Covers Morning Routine

Don’t you just love the idea behind the rosary? My granny was Catholic and she taught me the rosary prayers and I loved hearing her recite them as she felt each bead. When she handled her sacred strand she did it with such humility and she treated it like it was a gift from God.

I’m not Catholic, but I’ve always loved the idea of letting the beads in a necklace remind us to be thankful and to praise God for our blessings.

That’s how I came up with the idea to use my feet like a rosary! Why not? So combining the This Little Piggy Went to Market poem we perpetrated on our kids, I decided to start a new morning routine using my toes.

Here’s what I came up with, and I’ll tell you what happened after I did my rosary toes.

Starting with my big toe of my right foot, I held each toe the same way Granny held her rosary beads, and said the following:

This little piggy loves her life
This little piggy is delight
This little piggy speaks kindness
This little piggy doesn’t fight
And this little piggy is thankful she has another whole day to live!

After I did my right foot, I did the same thing with my left one. When I finished with my left foot, the thought came, ‘Why stop there?’ So I took a hold of both my feet (I was still under the covers) and I thanked them for all the work they do and will do. Then I moved my hands to my ankles and thanked God for the miracle of swivel. Then I put my hands on my knees and blessed them for their astounding ability to allow me to bend. I imagined what it’d be like to walk around stiff legged and was filled with love for these little marvels.

Next I moved my hands to my hips and praised them for allowing me to have such a cushioned seat. I put my hands on my stomach knowing that what goes on in there is a complete mystery to me, and I’m so thankful that it knows what to do with what I eat and drink.

Next I moved to my breasts and thanked them for being there for my children and for being healthy throughout my life in spite of the torture of mammograms. I felt my heart beating and reminded myself of this precious gift of life I’ve been given.

Then I took my elbows and thanked them in the same way I’d thanked my knees. Without them I’d be stiff-armed and somebody’d have to feed and dress me. My wrists came next, then my fingers and knuckles.

When my hands came to my head, it was like coming to the cross. Are there any words to thank God for our eyes that see, ears that hear, tongues that speak and taste, a nose that smells and a mind that assists in making it all possible?

My body rosary took me five minutes and it has been four hours since I did this new undercover routine and I’m still giddy with joy. It’s a feeling similar to the one I got when I was given a painkiller when my back went out. Oh, I didn’t thank my back! Well, I’ll do that tomorrow morning.

I hope you’ll give this new under-the-covers routine a try. You’ll not only be moved to praise your miraculous body and be thankful, you’ll get a good stretch and you will have set a positive tone for the entire day not allowing those devilish negative thoughts to creep in!

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