How Would You Feel If You Were Organized?

Here’s a fun email from one of my subscribers. I thought it could give you an idea for a magical, one-minute, life-changing exercise.
Dear Pam,
A few months ago you personally answered an email I sent you whining about being overwhelmed and wondering where to start, because the whole house was a mess. Heck, my whole life seemed to be a mess! It meant a lot to me that you answered me back, and I was shocked by your question! In your email, you asked, “How would you feel if you were organized?” I had to really think about that so I could give you an intelligent answer.

In case you don’t remember, I answered, “I’d feel peaceful, content, in charge of my day, and I’d feel free of stress and filled with enthusiasm to do what needed to be done. I’d feel appreciated by my husband and our two girls and I’d feel happy.” Your response changed my life Pam!

You said, “Feel that way now.” Just that thought was so simple that I decided to try it. I put a timer on for one minute and I pretended I felt what I wrote in my response. Now I start each morning by lighting a candle in my study and spending one minute feeling what I wrote to you. It’s like magic!

Before I started this magical exercise I couldn’t remember the last time I felt at peace like this because I was always focusing on the mess and what was wrong with me. But by doing this simple one-minute morning exercise and focusing on good feelings, I’ve changed so much in just two months!

I finally bought The Joy of Being Disorganized and have been playing with the 3×5 card system in the book. What a difference those little notes have made in our home because I’ve learned how to delegate, along with my new attitude.

Thank you from the bottom of my organized heart.


Feeling as though you are organized even when you’re not can render miraculous results. “Attitude is more important than fact,” says the philosopher, William James. Every success in life starts with the right attitude. My latest book, The Joy of Being Disorganized was written to help you change your attitude and change your life.

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