Graduation Gift Idea

Hi Pam!

I have a graduating senior from high school this year (YAY – the caboose!), and her youth group at church has about 10 seniors who are her friends. Yesterday, I bought “money cards” for giving their gifts. I am planning to give $30 to each one (I’ve been saving all year!), which means I’ll need two frames for each card. I had previously purchased 2 Stick It kits, and realized that I’ll need more frames to make up couples for the cards. I’m planning to have a couple of very quirky people framing the $20 and $10 bills per gift – I’m thinking a loose and carefree individual next to a buttoned-up accountant type. There are SO many different stickers and I’m planning to have lots of fun this week! (I’ll try to remember to take pictures to send you)

Elaine in Louisiana


Pam here:  We asked Elaine why she purchased three sets of Stick It frames and that’s why she responded with the above story. I can’t wait to see pictures! To order the Stick It Right On the Money Gift Giving Kit with stickers and 12 frames for making cash part of a greeting card Click Here!  Graduations and weddings are just around the corner and the stickers will save you time and allow you to be creative when giving cash as a gift.

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