Lose Weight Reading a Get-Out-Of-Debt Book

Dear Miss Pam,

I’m a senior in college and will be graduating this June. My mom purchased the Good Book for me because she said she was guilty for not teaching me about how to handle my finances.  I’m not in debt…yet, but the book was invaluable!  I have offers of credit cards almost daily and they have been very tempting!  I am going to start my life on my own without credit cards but here’s the other reason I’m writing to you.  I got the GOOD Book for Christmas and I have lost 15 ½ pounds because of it. A book on how to get out of debt!  Because I met my inner child it didn’t take long to recognize her not so healthy eating choices. When my friends ask me how I lost the weight, I just say, “I have a really close relative helping me.”

Thank you,

Jennifer and Jen Jen


Pam here:

I love this testimonial and I know what a difference my life has been since I met Nelly. Today, when she pops up with some immature suggestion like, “We don’t have to walk today because it’s raining,” I can actually deal with the thought with logic rather than let it stop me from walking. So I might say, “I know it’s raining Love, but remember we have rain gear so we’re not going to get wet and we’ll feel so good when we get back.”

We can talk ourselves out of or into anything! That’s what getting to know your inner child is all about. The GOOD Book as an audio book opens that door to a relationship with your inner child, because there is dialogue between Nelly and m. Your success in anything you want in life requires discipline.  You are the master and your inner child is your disciple. If you lead with love and compassion for yourself you will be amazed by the results. The GOOD Book: Get Out Of Debt is available in paperback as well as an audio book and e-book for your Kindle or Nook.

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