I Keep Losing My Book

Hey! We lose things, okay? And yes, it’s okay! My first book sold more than one and a half million copies, but I think half my readers lost it and had to buy another one. We’re masters at duplication!

In my book The Joy of Being Disorganized, I wrote about how to stop losing things. I think you’ll like my ideas on being a loser and how you can stop it. Here’s an email I received which I loved and wanted to share with you. I’ve included part of the post she refers to at the bottom of this email.

Dear Pam,

Thank you for sharing this lady’s comments.* I love your book, The Joy of Being Disorganized, but keep losing it. So frustrating. This post motivates me to find it again so I can stop beating myself up. I’m a poet, mom and therapist, but have the self-esteem of a worm due to my “side-tractiveness.”  Had enough of being against myself.  Just wanted to say that out loud.

Thanks again!

I loved L’s new word; side-tractiveness! I have a feeling when L wrote: but have the self-esteem of a worm due to my “side-tractiveness , she really meant “but have the self-esteem of a worm when it comes to my side-tractiveness.” I’m just positive she’s a wonderful mother, poet and therapist and has great self-esteem in those areas. We must stop wilting because of our disorder. Here’s the post she referred to:

*It seems like every time I turn around I hear that I should love myself. I guess part of the reason is I love books on spirituality and there is a common thread about loving oneself in them. I didn’t expect The Joy of Being Disorganized to touch me with this theme, but there you were telling me to love myself too, only your book touched me with authentic love for who I am! I got it!

I have put myself down, I have beat myself up and I have treated myself in ways I would never treat my friends all because of being overwhelmed… but your book has changed me and the way I think about myself!

I hope The Joy of Being Disorganized helps you to see what a wonder you are as well as helping you not to be a loser (you know, of stuff).

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