Butterflies Need Wings to FLY

Dear Friends,

Every time I do a personal appearance I always end the talk with my favorite testimonial.



Dear FlyLady,FRDHERO

After 6 months of flying, fluttering and doing routines, I also got a feather duster this past week!!  I expected to like it, but I didn’t expect it to feel like it was made especially for me.

My 5 yr old DS talked about it every day until it came, the magic wand that shoots feathers.  When it finally came we were ecstatic.  I said, “There is only one rule with the magic dusters: they are for blessing the house, and everything we say has to be a kind, blessing sort of thing.”  and we were off, he with the little duster and me with the big one.  We blessed not only our family and friends and home, we blessed the lady bugs that live here and the spiders and the dead

My DS turned to me and said, “I bet you didn’t know that I was such a good house blesser!”

“NO I didn’t” I replied.

“THAT is because I’m your little FlyBoy!”  He said, “You know what is good about the FlyLady dusters?  They pick up the dirt, not just push them into piles like other dusters” (do you visit these children in their sleep??  We never dusted before!) Then he reminded me to shake it out, and ran onto the deck with his arms up to the sky and yelled at the top of his lungs, “BLESS THE WORLD”

Blessings in CT

Whenever I get to this last part I start crying great big purple puddles. If we can teach a new generation of babies that house work is not a chore but a way to bless our homes and families; then I have done what God put me there to do.

Most of us do not know how to teach our children to bless our homes. Some of us have used housework as a punishment. No wonder we have gotten essays about hating to dust and sobbing while washing the dishes. While others of us just had it done for them and they have no clue how to dust, sweep or wash dishes; much less how to keep our own homes or teach our children these skills.

We all are responsible for teaching our children good habits; we train them to change their underwear daily, brush their teeth twice a day, and fasten their seatbelts. The home keeping skills are just another habit that gives them the wings to FLY into a new world.

Here is the tough question. How can we teach our children home keeping skills when we don’t know them ourselves? I can tell you it is quite easy! We have to learn this lesson ourselves one babystep at a time and in the process of learning we can teach our children that home blessing is not a chore. We all deserve to have a home that hugs us.

Let’s put on our wings and give our children wings right along with us. But here is the key for us! It has to be fun! No one ever made it fun for us. It is OK to have a good time while you clean; it does not have to be a punishment. Put on some music and make a game out of it! You will be surprised at how much fun you can have with a timer and a change in attitude.

What legacy will you leave your children; one of fun, drudgery, or keeping score. Our homes don’t clean themselves unless we utilize our habits and routines to run on automatic pilot.

Are you ready to put on your Wings and FLY so your children can FLY too? We are all butterflies coming out of our cocoons. The process of emerging makes us strong and helps us to survive!


This summer we are going to make it fun for everyone; are you with us!

We have been having a good time coming up with some fun games to introduce. Maybe you can help us too. Do you remember folding a piece of paper and making a Cootie Catcher or Fortune Teller game?

Here is a link to how to build one!

I remember how to fold it from elementary school. Under each flap we can write some things to go do. Help us come up with a Kid List, a kitchen list, a pamper list, master bedroom list. We need 8 items on each list. Let’s make it fun and see what you come up with.

Send your ideas to FlyLady@flylady.net with BLESSING GAME in the subject line.


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