I Love Thank You Notes

Don’t you love to get a thank you note? If you do, why not write one today, surely you owe someone a grateful comment. It’ll only take 5 minutes and you’ll feel so good and so will the recipient.  I got this thank you note (in the real mail) and had to share it with you because it made me laugh!

Dear Pam,

I had to write you and tell you what happened today! My five-year-old got into my stick it on the money stickers. (She’s not a get-into-stuff-type kid, but she was at my desk coloring in her color book and the sticker kit is in my correspondence drawer at my desk. Since the stickers are so playful and colorful, they attracted her attention. Well, Pam, she proceeded to use all the stickers in the kit, in her color book! And she was so proud of what she’d done! She actually put hats, mustaches and wigs on some the princesses and she was pleased with her cleverness.

Because those stickers are just like my post-it notes, I was able to put them all back in with the rest of the kit, but it made me think, what a fun activity for a child especially when I can still use the stickers for their real purpose which I also love!! We are taking a car trip (it’s spring break for my older kiddos) and I’m taking the stickers for them to play with in the car.

Thank you for such a wonderful product.


The very thing Rocky’s five-year-old did with my stickers, is exactly the thing that caused me to create them in the first place. I was forever messing up the beautiful models in make-up commercials in magazines by drawing a mustache, goatee, blacked out front teeth and crossed eyes on them. (I supposed I should see a psychiatrist about this?) When the portraits on US currency changed (except George Washington on the one-dollar bill) I was appalled and embarrassed by the new faces. Since I would never deface our money (I wouldn’t like prison) I created Post-It Note stickers that don’t harm the money, to disguise the faces for a fun way to give money as a gift for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions where a gift is needed.

Since my kids were grown when I thought up the idea, I never thought about kids having fun with them too! I love it!

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