Why Don’t You Write a Book about Homeschooling?

Dear FlyLady,Why don’t you write a book about homeschooling with the principles of FlyLady put together? So many people need that encouragement.

FlyBaby Y.

Dear FlyBaby Y.

That is a great idea, but the only problem is I have never homeschooled. It is hard to write on a topic as important as educating your children when I am not acquainted with it.

My friend Tami Fox has written a wonderful book; Giving Your Children Wings without Losing Yours.  She has six children. Four of them are still being homeschooled. She has been a FlyBaby for 15 years. I am honored to be on the same stage as her at the homeschooling conferences we have attended this year.

Here is a speech we gave together. Homeschool and Home Organization: You Can Have Both

We will be in Richmond, VA. June 11, 12, 13. Come see us. We will have our FlyShop with us. We rarely take the tools when we travel but this time Justin and Brian will be helping us.

If you are thinking about homeschooling or if you already are covered up in paperwork; we have a great tool for you from another FlyBaby. It is called Homeschool Manager. Elizabeth and her husband have help to simplify homeschooling record keeping. Elizabeth tells her FlyLady story on her website.

We have to tools to help you! It all starts with simple habits. As they become automatic you tack another habit to it. Your routines are born.

Are you ready to FLY into Homeschooling? Use this summer and Camp GonnaWannaFLY to help you get started.

Thank you for your book ideas. They are helping me put my thoughts together. The God Breezes are blowing!

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