Just Like Mom

Does this letter from one of my subscribers sound like she’s writing about you or your mom?

Dear Pam,

My mother was a big fan of yours.  She was such a fun mom and she loved you sisters. Having her as a mom was a privilege. She passed away on January 9 of this year. I miss her so much!

She had all your books and I even remember she hung produce in the refrigerator!  It must have been a suggestion in one of your books.  She was such a happy person and she always had time for us kids.  She loved her grandchildren too!  

She always wanted to please and I can’t remember a birthday party for me or my brother that wasn’t a big production and she went to all our activities at school.  

All my friends loved to be at our house because it was fun. I was helping Dad go through her things and I found what she called her Happiness File.  It was a 3×5 filing drawer with a collection of bundled 3×5 cards, each bundle a year.  I haven’t been able to stop reading the cards!  It’s her collection of all the thoughts and things that made her happy and made her who she was.  There are funny quotes from us when we were little and quotes from my two children as well as those of you, Jesus, George Carlin and many more.  It is such a treasure.  She started writing them in 1986 and her bundles went through November 2011 through her illness.  Some bundles are smaller than others because she was not the type to do something every day.  I do know she always had 3x5s in her purse and was always writing on them stuff that struck her funny or made her think or inspired her.

I just wanted to thank you and your sister for being a happy part of her life.


Trisha’s mom discovered the fun of filling up 3×5 cards with happy thoughts, favorite restaurants, encouraging words; a record of the inspiration, humor, love and beauty that surrounds us all the time. In the Happiness File book, we wrote: What will inspire you once will re-inspire and what made you laugh will make you laugh again.  We encouraged our readers to keep 3×5 cards at hand as a simple way to record life, but we never dreamed how that idea would inspire and excite another generation!  To purchase The Happiness File audio book , PDF or download to your E-reader: CLICK HERE

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