Thankful For Both Of You

Dear Pam and Marla,

I am so thankful for both of you.  Your friendship inspires me to be better.  Pam your books cracked me up during a time I needing cracking up.  And because you Marla brought such a light to the internet in a way that keeps me on track I have discovered that when I make it fun it does get done.  I love to read the testimonials and for many years I’ve said to myself that someday I’m going to write to them.  Because of my perfectionism I kept putting it off, not quite sure how to say just the right words.  Then I ordered the Happiness File audio book and as I listened to you read to me I felt the strong desire to email you and quit worrying about just the right words.

Thank you for being there for me with encouragement, inspiration and humor.
Cherie N.


Pam here:  I know I can speak for Marla when I say our goal has always been to be there for you with respect for the job of homemaking and the business of loving who you are.  The Happiness File book was written by my sister Peggy Jones and me, during the busiest time in our lives with six children an ill father and the demands of a television show and travel for our publisher.  Writing that book demanded that I focus on good and it really kept me grounded through some very hard times.  It focuses on a theme for each month and gives you tangible ways to put more of what makes you happy into your daily life.  The book is available for E-readers and as an audio book.

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