Seeing Us For Who We Are

Dear Pam:

I first read From Pig Sty to Paradise around 16 yrs ago and it changed how I felt about myself. Being a SHE I didn’t stay with it and fell off the wagon. Then I discovered The FlyLady, both methods have helped me in the last years but things still get away from me at times.

I have just purchased your 3X5 Cards and printed them on color stock paper ( I loved the pretty card stock and enjoyed cutting them out) I still had my old file box, which looks like a black and silver chest, and I still had the monthly and daily dividers.  What I have started to do, and it seems to be working for me, is I combine The Fly Lady routines with the card file box, writing out my morning routine on an index card and such, I am really liking this and use my FlyLady emails to motivate me making checking my file box part of my routines.

I have already seen huge results with the  clutter in my home and feel so much freer. I also enjoy the sense of accomplishment I get by filing my cards as I go through the day.
Thank you for seeing us for who we are and teaching us to appreciate ourselves, or as The FlyLady says…Finally Loving Yourself.


ps. I also purchased The Joy of Being Disorganized and am reading it on my phone, I am allergic to dust so my older books really stuff me up. Going digital really works for me.

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