Don’t Crash and Burn

Dear Friends,

We are so good at hyper-focusing when we want to do something. This is why we crash and burn. You know what I am talking about. Just spend three hours cleaning your bathroom and see when you want to clean it again. This is why we do a little each day to keep from being burned out.

I do not want you to get burned out on getting rid of your clutter. As we are decluttering our homes; we still have to keep every thing else going: Dinners have to be cooked, daily routines still need to be done and most of all you have take care of you by taking breaks and not over-doing!

Have you checked your calendar for this month? We are in a new month already.  Do you know if there are any appointments or birthdays that you need to plan for? This only takes a few short minutes and you can do this while you take a break from your clutter eviction. Sit down with a cup of something and look at your calendar. Make notations on the calendar and put any errands on your to do list. A little thought now will save a lot of running around with your head cut off in a few weeks.

If you are calendar challenged like I have been most of my life then you may want to read the essay on How to use a calendar. Just keep in mind that a calendar is not a magic pill unless you actually look at it twice a day as part of your routines: Morning and Evening. Your calendar becomes your memory. It remembers so you don’t have to!
Don’t let your home fall into shambles while you are decluttering!  Use

your timer to keep you from pulling out more than you can put back in one hour.

Are you ready to evict the clutter?calendarsmall2016


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