House Fairy Works Miracles

Dear House Fairy,

I am so looking forward to using your program – I have three children and the two oldest (aged 4 & 2) love looking at your site and have been keeping their rooms tidy since I “introduced” them to you last weekend. My son even “made” his bed this morning -he only moved from a cot to a big boy bed this week. I would never have expected him to even consider making his own bed as he is so young. When my daughter saw him making his bed, she insisted on making hers too. Now, both beds look very untidy to me, but they are so proud of themselves that I have not re-made them.



House Fairy here:
I do work miracles because your children have wonderful imaginations! With a little magic and very little work on your part as the mom, just getting a stash of surprises to leave as a reward for doing chores and keeping rooms neat and clean (I give moms good ideas for that) you’ll never nag again. Just a sentence like, “I wonder if the House Fairy will be by for an inspection while you’re at Grammy’s?” or “I heard the House Fairy is making inspections in (name your town) today,” will send your little ones flying to their rooms to tidy up. Introduce your kids to the House Fairy and see what happens.

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