The Dis-ease of Alienation

Dear Friends,

Today’s musing began when my midnight editor woke me up at 4:30 am. I should have known better than to just stay in bed and mull it over instead of slipping out and writing it down. So for 3 hours my eyes were wide open and I watched the world around me wake up too.

In the past I have asked for your perfectionism traits in a fun way; You might be a Perfectionist if …  As I read them, tears started to roll down my face. I saw our perfectionism hurting feelings, taking away small moments of celebration and the alienation of ourselves from those who love us the most. Look at what we do to our family and friends all in the name of perfectionism.

I have been a victim of this just like you have, yet we continue to dish it out on a daily basis. Didn’t it hurt enough when a relative would say, “You have such a pretty face, but …. Or if you got Bs on your report card all you heard was, “Why can’t you do better?” Lord help us if we got a C. Were you the little girl that picked a handful of yellow dandelions only to be told they were weeds? What about what we have done to our husbands by refolding towels and repacking the dishwasher when they have helped us. No wonder we can’t get anyone to help us around the house. No one can do it to suit us.

I have decided that the word perfectionist is an oxymoron even if it isn’t two words. Robert explained that the term meant for example; Jumbo Shrimp. Because if you are a perfectionist you really do have a character flaw! Flaws are imperfections. If you can’t stand it in anyone else how do you tolerate it in yourself.

No one is perfect and when we quit striving for this in others and in ourselves we will begin to live for the first time ever! Perfectionism is a dis-ease.

Are you ready to FLY by letting go of your perfectionism?


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