Sometimes We Need A Refresher Course


I received this email the other day and I wondered how many need a little refresher course in using the 3×5 card file system so many are successful at using. Here’s what Linda had to say:
Hi Pam, I so remember you and your sister, Peggy. I am glad to find you still writing, helping others and sharing what you have learned. I still use 3×5 cards in my bookkeeping and for remembering things. But I am not a “BO.” So I was so pleased to see your most recent book, I am ordering it. You might say I need a refresher course. We need to keep going and help the next generation of S.H.Es. Best wishes, looking forward to the “new” club.

Sincerely, Linda in Michigan

If you’d like a SHE refresher course, be sure to read my latest book, The Joy of Being Disorganized. By using Flylady’s Flight Plan she sends out in emails and the simplified version of the 3×5 card file system, you’ll fly through your day and accomplish just enough to please you.

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