Bedroom Questionnaire

Dear Friends,

Some of you have been obsessing about these zones. Quit. For now we are working in the ones I tell you to. So that we are all together here. If you try to do to much too fast you will get tired and burn-out! Our goal is to set up routines and stick to them. NOT A SPOTLESS HOUSE. This will be the result of our goal. 

Zone 4 is our master bedrooms, bath and closet. If you don’t have a bath, consider yourself blessed. LOL

I want you to ask yourself a few questions about this room in your home.

1. Do you sleep here?
2. Do you want the room to be restful and inviting?
3. Do you want do get up in the night and not bump into things.
4. Do you have trouble closing your Drawers?
5. Can you find the clothes you are looking for?
6. Do things fall off the closet shelf and hit you?
7. Are you afraid to look under the bed?
8. Are clothes piled to the ceiling on the chair in the corner?
9. Is your cedar chest filled with stuff you will never wear again?
10. Can you walk between the bed and the wall or are there piles of newspapers, books, trash and clothes?
11. Do you have to crawl into bed from the foot of the bed because there is no room to walk?
12. Is stuff piled so high on the dressers and nightstands you have forgotten what they look like?
13. Are the Cobwebs becoming moth collectors?
14. Are the dust bunnies reproducing in the corners and under the bed?
15. Can you see out your bedroom windows?
16. Can you close your closet door?
17. Have the spiders decided to winter over behind your bed?
18. If you open the drapes does the room fog up from the dust in them?
19. Do you know what color your carpet really is?

Now that you have asked yourself these questions, I can hear you saying, Where do I start?

First I want you to realize that this is an on-going process. You may or you may not get the whole room cleaned. That is not our objective. We are focusing on our bedroom this week and any thing you do in this room will be an improvement over the way it was last week. Each month we put this room first in our minds.

All I am asking is that you do a little tiny bit each day. 15 minutes, 30 minutes I don’t care. You can even do the 27 FLING Boogie. Just do something every day over and above your morning and before bed routines. One time I cleaned a whole room by putting away two items at a time. But I did it every day. If I were industrious I would tackle that job, 2 time a day. Put it in your routines if you have to.

Are you ready to FLY? You can’t organize clutter! You have to get rid of it!


P.S. If you are ready to do Crisis Cleaning in this room then by all means tackle it. Only after you have completed you morning routine. But don’t pull out more than you can put back in an hour. Use the same system and just get it done as fast as you can. Start at the door and move around the room, putting away and throwing things away. Some of us need to feel a sense of accomplishment in a completed task. We don’t work well when we can’t see the end. It takes all kinds to make the world of FlyBabies.


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