Do You Need Help Staying Motivated

Do you need help staying motivated to dejunk? As a writer and teacher, I’ve discovered how important it is to stay on track so I’m not a hypocrite and that’s been one of my motivations.

I remember FlyLady telling me very early in her career that helping others helped her stay authentic. We can’t go back in the pigpen if we’re telling you how to get out of one and we can’t be obese if we’ve written books on how to eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight. Our readers are too savvy.

I hope you’ll help others as you find the joy in decluttering, and that will ultimately help you stay motivated to stay on track.

Here’s an email from a de-junker who is teaching what she learned from us and it’s helping her “be truthful.”

Dear Pam,

Thank you for offering the SHE De-junking Video! I am a very visual person (I love TV LOL). So when I received my order I couldn’t wait to “watch television”. Wow this video was better than those make-over television programs because I knew the people and I knew Pam and Peggy got and stayed organized!

After viewing it and taking notes, I called my pastor’s wife and friend and I offered to loan it to the young mom’s group because I knew they were working with Flylady’s missions. They all talk about zones and what one they are in. Well the group of ten young moms watched it and I even got a thank-you card from one of them and an invitation to come to their next meeting and talk about my experience de-junking! I said I would and that has given me even more energy to dejunk more of my own clutter so I can be truthful about what I’ve done when I talk to them. Wish me luck, I’ve never spoken to a group as a teacher and I’m excited and nervous.

Thank you, thank you.
An Idaho Granny

When you watch our video (which is now on DVD and a download) you’ll learn how fun it can be to clean out your closets, cupboards and drawers and you can know that the message comes from “truly” reformed slobs! And now the SHE De-junking DVD or download comes with the SHE 3×5 card file system!


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