Stop The Summer Slide: Writing Activities

Think about what kids have to do when they write: compose the message, use correct language mechanics (spelling, punctuation/capitalization, grammar), and keep it all straight while getting it down on paper.  That’s why writing is so hard!

The goal for summer writing is to free kids from the rigors of writing and introduce them to the fun.  Here are some ideas:

  • Keep a diary.  A diary is personal – nobody else reads it or gives it a grade.  It’s a chance to find the joy in getting your thoughts down on paper.  Let your child pick out an attractive notebook and suggest that he/she pen a few lines every night before bed.
  • Write letters.  This is practically a lost art, but kids can enjoy writing to grandparents, favorite authors, or sports heroes.  Does sending an email sound more attractive?  Nothing wrong with that.  Go for it.
  • Keep a written calendar of summer events.
  • Going on a trip?  A trip journal can be lots of fun.  Ask kids to keep track of mileage, places visited, sights seen, and money spent.  Take pictures and write captions.  Send postcards to family and friends.
  • If your child enjoys writing stories, songs, and poems, summer is a great time to kick back and let the creative juices flow.

Next week we’ll talk about summer reading.  Stay tuned!

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