So Much Clutter

If you have too much junk, you really, I MEAN YOU REALLY, need to read what one of my Club Organized members has to share with you!

Dear Pam,

I’ve enjoyed reading your e-mails and responses from those who have gone through your methods of how to have a clean, uncluttered home. These last two weeks have been full of work and also accomplishment. My mom’s 60 plus year old home is to be sold and has sat for six months while my other sister resisted any efforts to clean it up.

Finally, I took a flight from CA to TX to help in the clean-up. I used the method of going through each room to declutter, give away and then put aside for my other sister if she wanted items. It took two weeks to finish clearing out the three bedrooms, one bath home. My mom was a hoarder and everything, even gift wrappings were squirreled away in closets and under beds.

We had a 25 cubic foot dumpster for most of the damaged, old and un-useable items while other items were given to charity organizations. The best items were set aside for my sister who hauled all the items to a 10’ by 10’ storage unit. She claims her children will want some of the stuff. It was an experience that opened my eyes to see how easy it is to keep stuffing un-useable items into closets, drawers and under beds I will be going home to clean out my closets, room-by-room and either give away, keep or throw out in order to have a home that is organized, clean and above all, peaceful. I will not leave a legacy of old magazines, clutter and throw-aways to be sorted through by my sons.

Thank you for your great information to show many homemakers the way to have a home that will be inviting and livable. Just from the e-mails you send out, you gave me enough information to clean out stuff from 60 plus years of odds and ends from my childhood home.

Gratefully, Kathy

If you have too much junk and you don’t want to leave a legacy of clutter, I suggest the SHE De-junking video. The elimination of clutter just boils down to three decisions and once you know them, your clutter will be HISTORY!

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