We Need To Talk

June 16, 1977 was the day my sister and I made the decision to get organized. We had no clue how we were going to do it, but when two or more are gathered together, the Holy Spirit has no choice, but to attend the meeting. We spent that summer of 77 on fire with joy and enthusiasm with our goal to get organized just enough to have lots of free time to play and even have a day to do NOTHING if we wanted to!

Having a partner who understood the problem and what we were going through was paramount in our success.

I never dreamed I’d agree to set aside a couple days a week to talk to SHEs by phone. But as the anniversary of Peggy’s and my start came closer, I decided it might actually be fun! That’s all Nelly (my inner child) had to hear. I’m so glad I agreed! It is such a blast to get to help you by phone! I’m getting to know so many wonderful women and I hope we can connect.

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