You Haven’t Failed, You’ve Changed

Do you want to simplify your life and have more fun? I think that’s why we really
want to get organized. Did you know there are no disorganized Amish? (They have a high suicide rate, but they’re organized.) In the book Get Your Act Together, my sister and I explained a much simpler 3×5 card file system than the one we started with and wrote about in the SHE book Sidetracked Home Executives: from pigpen to paradise.

We explained that the Amish have a daily theme: Monday: washday, Tuesday: ironing etc. Once you adopt a theme for each day (and I’m not suggesting you start having an ironing day) it’ll help you focus your wonderful energy and accomplish so much. Here’s what one woman wrote to me:

I am on a quest to become organized and to simplify my life so I don’t waste time on things that are not important. I have been reading Flylady for years, and I am adding to my routines, but I was not really getting the things done I needed to because I couldn’t memorize my routine.

Then I remembered her referencing your Action Cards in a post and I was curious so I ordered your book, Get Your Act Together to see what that was all about. The analogy to the Amish really hit home and while I have sort of understood that concept, I REALLY understand it and why I need to have a daily routine that is simple enough to memorize.

I received the idea of only having ONE overall goal for the day. The understanding that one goal may have supporting tasks is doable and I feel less overwhelmed. Because I have my own business and can choose when I open my office and when I work from home, this idea will help me when scheduling clients. That way I always have those specific days of the week blocked off for my family’s needs.

Thank you.

The 3×5 card file system is so easy to adapt to your specific life and when used with FlyLady’s flight plan you’ll accomplish all that you want. When Peggy and I created the system, we hoped each woman would personalize it to her needs. What we didn’t know (because we were young) was that as our lives change, the system had to change with it…duh! If the system worked for you once, and you’ve got your card file somewhere in the attic or basement, you didn’t fail, you changed! Now you’re different…more mature, wiser; BUT you’re still a SHE. Maybe it’s time to start fresh.

And now you can have the system on a CD or you can download it at a very affordable price (you print out the cards on card stock). Plus, when you order the CD or download you get the SHE De-junking video as a DVD or download free.

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