The Real House Fairy

I had a fabulous time talking to Melanie, a wonderful mother of a 16 year-old boy (she’d signed up to talk for an hour with me).  She told me she’d used the House Fairy program when he was young and he loved her! She shared a conversation she had with her son the day of our talk.

“Guess who I’m going to talk to today.”


“The House Fairy.”

“Mom, you are the House Fairy.”

“I know, but I’m going to talk to the REAL House Fairy.”

Of course I had to ask her how the program had worked and she said it worked great. In talking about her son, she shared what a wonderful boy he is. “He’s happy and so cooperative and knows all the words from Flylady and you, like ‘make it fun and it will get done’ and ‘you can do anything for 15 minutes.’”

Thinking about this mother and son I had to smile and be happy this mom appreciates her son and how important that relationship is as he moves into adulthood. They’ve had fun and they’ll continue to do that! We SHEs really do know how to have fun. We’re wired to play.

If you’re catching yourself in some SRFs (Saturday Room Fits) maybe it’s time to hire the House Fairy! She’ll bring fun and magic to a previously messy situation.

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