Starting Over

 Dear Pam, Talking with you for just an hour gave me a fresh start I really needed! Whenever I get excited about something whether it’s painting a room, planning a vacation, taking ballet (at 40!) or some new craft (I’ve done cut glass, calligraphy, quilting just to name a few) I dive in head first and at some point I just get stuck (glad I didn’t do that raising my three children!)

I loved your 3×5 card file system and it worked when I was a busy mom, but now the kids are growing up and away and I felt I just needed a nudge to re-organize my life. What a nudge! You told me I’m not a failure because the card file was somewhere out in the garage in a box and that it no longer worked because my life has changed and all I needed was to start fresh with the life my hubby and I have now and work it into the cards.

What’s so exciting is the card file now holds an organizational system that is half household chores and half travel, entertainment and fun! I mind really well just like you and if a card says, “Go to the show” we go!

Thank you again for being willing to share your expertise on a personal level. I’ll be scheduling another appointment in a month if you’re still doing this.



I loved my talk with Alice (as I have with each and every consultation!) We laughed and shared our love of life with each other. Sometimes we just need a nudge to get back on track. Life has a way of derailing us if we don’t stay on top of it. I hope someday I can talk to every person who would like to talk with me. I wish I’d started doing this sooner!


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