House Fairy Brings Me Comfort

Hi House Fairy,

My children are one, three and four. My four-year-old is a handful. The House Fairy has helped me enormously with her behavior. I not only use the House Fairy for inspiring her to clean up after herself, I use her to promote good behavior. My three children are ecstatic when the House Fairy comes. They even look under my one-year-old’s pillow to see what the surprise is for the day. It doesn’t matter how small the surprise is, their little faces beam when they find something under the pillow. They even jump around the house for several minutes.

My husband is being deployed by the military to Africa in January. I have some comfort in knowing that the house fairy will be there for me. Even though there is not a replacement for their father, I know if we have a rough day, the surprise under the pillow will bring some joy to my children. Thank you House Fairy, you have helped more than you know. Not only do I have clean rooms, but my kids have a magical friend.

Dawn Gizzo

Pam here: The House Fairy uses the child’s gift of imagination to empower him or her to behave, help around the house and keep a neat and tidy room. We have more than 20,000 House Fairy families that have purchased the program and I have hundreds of testimonials like Dawn’s. If you are a parent of young children you can breathe a sigh of relief as the House Fairy helps you to motivate, inspire, reinforce and recognize your child’s good behavior in a positive and loving way. With more than 65 short videos of the House Fairy, children get to learn from her. From the moment they meet her they are motivated to mind her instructions. Once you sign up for theĀ  House Fairy’s services you gain access to the Parents Tool Box filled with printable aids to help in your child’s success. It includes a colorful calendar, chore chart, House Fairy’s rules, suggested surprises (you don’t need to leave a surprise every day as Dawn did), letters to the child from the House Fairy and a step-by-step guide for introducing the House Fairy to your family, plus all the videos of the House Fairy in person.

I developed the House Fairy with SHEs in mind. It was my experience with my children that if the House Fairy didn’t show up for a few months, just a simple note and a little fairy dust would instantly re-motivate even the most difficult child. When you purchase one of the House Fairy programs you own it forever (well until the House Fairy goes to that big Fairyland in the sky).

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