Clogged Drain No More

Dear FlyLady, 

I just wanted to share in case it might help someone else. My bathroom sink drain slowed. I tried the cheaper clog remover when I was at the drug store. That helped a little. Then I got a more powerful name brand large bottle. The first application helped, however, after a few days it was slow again. I then tried using the remainder half plus of the bottle. That helped a little bit. A few days later it was really slow again. I tried some vinegar I had on hand as I was out of the drain declogger chemical crap. I think it helped a little. I was going to get some more vinegar and baking soda to try that I had read about online as an alternative to the caustic chemical stuff and/or some more chemical stuff, however, I didn’t get to the store when the drain really got stopped up. It didn’t seem to be draining or so slowly that it wasn’t noticeable. It was to the point where I was going to use the kitchen sink to brush my teeth. I was also thinking I might have to call the property manager to get a plumber to come in.

I was frustrated and the stores were closed. I had been thinking of getting the clog cannon, however, my finances are extremely limited. Then I thought… hey what about using the toilet plunger, it might work like the clog cannon I have one I rarely use and it has the end that is tapered and perhaps that will do the trick. There was standing water in my bathroom sink and I was annoyed. I figured it couldn’t hurt and I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I covered the sink overflow outlet with one hand and used the plunger with my other hand. Lo and behold the clog cleared. A few splashes of water, but that’s ok. I was overjoyed and a little bit in shock. How simple and chemical free! Why had I never thought of using the toilet plunger to clear a clogged drain? Perhaps because of the labeling or association of toilet plunger and some limited thinking.

All due to the inspiration from reading about the clog cannon, I saved money by not buying more caustic chemical drain cleaner and most importantly my bathroom sink is flowing freely. What a relief! Yes I did a happy dance! I think the clog cannon would be easier to use, but hey with a little imagination and inspiration I am able to use my bathroom sink with ease and flow! I would like to order a clog cannon when my finances allow, but in the meantime the tapered toilet plunger worked wonders!

Also… I don’t know why exactly, however, if I am feeling a little down or just want a little pick me up, reading some of your emails seems to lift my spirits, perhaps because they are filled with love! Thank you Flylady for all your wonderful emails and inspiration and for the entire Flylady team!

Huge love and appreciation!




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