A Message of Hope

There’s been an opening for a long, long time for someone to write a novel like this, recounting the transformation that can be brought about in the life of a person practicing the Flylady system. I even considered writing one myself, but never did anything about it; it just isn’t the kind of thing I do. But I am so glad that someone has finally tackled the job, and made a great success of it too.The theme of a person in trouble turning her life around is always popular, and with good reason. The problems faced by the book’s protagonist, Courtney, and the writer of the diary she finds, Gina, are on some level familiar to most of us; we’ve either suffered from them ourselves or known someone else who has. In these days when every print and electronic medium urges us to acquire, acquire, acquire, the problems that can result from their influence are just as life-destroying as alcoholism or a gambling addiction. Hidden Treasures is a message of hope to everyone who’s ever struggled with clutter or seen his life spin out of control.

Not only that, though. Unlike the problem fixes in most novels, Flylady is not fiction. Ms Cilley, the Flylady, is a real person, and all of the things described in Hidden Treasures – the books (Sink Reflections and Body Clutter), the email service , the Flylady Calendar, the Flylady System itself – are real, and apart from the books and calendar, can be had freely at no cost whatever by anyone who wants them, just by going to Flylady.net and signing up for them. That fact makes this book unique in my experience.

-Flybaby September 2014



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