Another Use For The Dryer Lint Kit

Dear FlyLady,

We started noticing a couple of days ago that our refrigerator wasn’t cooling properly.  Trying to do some preventive maintenance, my husband used the  Dryer Lint Kit to vacuum under and behind our refrigerator.  Although it didn’t fix the problem, my husband was impressed with the tools.

The repairman came today and because of your help and advice, I wasn’t embarrassed by the state of my refrigerator.  The last time we were in Zone 2, I gave the inside of the refrigerator and freezer a complete scrubdown and threw away lots of old and freezer-burned food.  We’ve been able to save some money by using up some of the food in the freezer, which is a great thing, now that I have a large bill for repair of the refrigerator!  The only thing I cleaned before the repairman’s arrival was the grill and I climbed up on a chair to clean the top of the refrigerator while I had everything off the top of it in case the refrigerator had to be moved.

I retired 4 months ago before I had planned to.  I’ve been planning for it for a few years, but an opportunity presented itself and the next day I was retired!  I signed up with you the very first day of my retirement and although I wandered around the house not knowing what to do with myself the first month, I began fluttering.  After 25 years of working full time, it’s going to take me a while to get my house where I want it to be, but every single day I accomplish something.  Because it is gardening season, I spend a lot of time outside working, but when the weather cools down, more of my energy will be spent inside.  My biggest future job is cleaning out the “junk room” in the basement.

Thank you for walking us through baby steps so that surprises, like a refrigerator repair, don’t turn into a frantic morning of cleaning!

La Loba


FlyLady here: Using the Dryer kit to clean the back of your refrigerator is a great idea! Welcome to our happy FLYing Family! Getting your home organized is going to be the best retirement present ever!
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