I Want to Start Something Fun

I’ve written a review before that has been published a couple of different times.  But I want to start something fun.  If this book were to be a movie, who would be the best people to play the characters?  I have three so far:
Bart played by Haley Joel Osment
Lorraine Phillips played by Fay Dunaway
Roland Bathori played by Anthony Hopkins
I would have to think about the other ones, but who else wants to join in?  It would be fun to see who everyone else would cast for the different characters.
I’m still waiting for the sequel.
Flybaby Karen in Lily Dale, NY


FlyLady here: What a cute idea! Thank you Karen! Robert and I are both curious to hear your “castings”. Email them to us with “CYBFI Cast” in the subject line. I can’t wait to see who you think fits the characters.

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