No Chemicals Needed

Dear FlyLady,

I’m not usually a big one for writing, but I have to tell you how much I LOVE your purple cleaning cloths.

I have other microfiber rags, but they are nothing like yours. I think I literally went around the whole house wiping everything in sight. Fingerprints on windows? Gone! Smudged and grimy faucets and fixtures? Not a problem! I didn’t use any cleaners or cleaning products, but my granite, mirrors, and stainless steel all shone and sparkled – they even cleaned the shower doors beautifully!

I have a DD who is extremely sensitive to chemicals, so I will probably send her off to college with some “rags in a bag” of her own. I am sure she will appreciate being able to clean up her space without having to spray something that makes her sneeze, or her head ache.

Thanks for such a high-quality product, and for helping myself and fellow SHEs to love our homes and families!


FlyLady here: Our purple rags really do turn a nice shade of GREEN when we use them instead of chemicals and paper towels.

Our water bottles make our world a greener place too!

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