My Top Ten

Dear FlyLady,
Just thought I’d write in and tell you my top ten favorite tools from the FlyShop!1) THE TIMER–it helps keeps me focused & keeps me on task. It also keeps me from getting overwhelmed with a job that I’ve been procrastinating on. I can do anything for 15 minutes!2) THE WATER BOTTLE–it goes everywhere with me! I love how it keeps ice so long without leaking or sweating. I don’t really like the taste of plain water if it isn’t very cold, but this tool helps keep me hydrated during the day!3) THE PURPLE RAGS–I use them dry with some Lemon Scented Windex to do my Swish-N-Swipe. And I’ve also found them to be quite useful wet….it seems that they will clean just about anything! I even use them to wipe off my jewelry when it comes out of the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner! It just sparkles!

4) RUBBA SWEEPA–my newest tool (toy) yet! It picks up “snackie” crumbs off the carpet that my DD (Dear Dog) leaves behind between vacuunings. I have a bad back and it was too difficult to get down with the Rubba Scrubba & a dustpan to do this. But the Rubba Sweepa just sweeps them into the kitchen where I can pick them up when I dust mop!

5) FLYLADY MOP–makes quick work daily of dust moping my entrance hallway, kitchen, & both bathrooms. Between using my steam mop, I use Windex and my Flylady Mop to give the floors a quick cleaning.

6) RUBBA SCRUBBA–I love this tool for so many reasons! I use it to clean my Flylady mop into the garbage, it cleans hair & various other things off my bathroom rugs between rugs between washings, and it works great to clean white dog hair & “snackie” crums off of a brown suede couch!

7) FEATHER DUSTER–makes it fun & easy to do one of my most dreaded tasks instead of letting the dust take control!

8) FLYLADY CALENDAR–keeps me & my DH on track with our doctor appointments, family birthdays, etc. I use the stickers as rewards for projects that I’ve completed! I’ve been buying them for 7 years & I keep them all as a record of appointments & events.

9) FLYLADY DISHBRUSHES–I use the round bottle brush to wash glasses, water bottles, etc. But I use the flat brush in the shower as a back brush! It works & feels great! I’ve been seeing a Chiropractor and Massage Therapist for my back and neck problems & without the FlyLady “shower” brush, my back would be all broken out from all the massage oil that is used. But not a problem! The little lip on the back of the brush even gets up into my hairline to get the massage oil used there!

10) RUBBA SWISHA–these do a great job with one of the nastiest jobs in the house! I make sure I use it on a daily basis! Even bought 2 kitchen crocks to hold them with the personalization “Swish-N-Swipe”! Bet that’s an order they don’t get every day!

Thank You FlyLady for making these tools available to us at such reasonable prices. I still have a large wish list of things that I want to get from your shop and my DH just tells me Baby Steps!

Fly Baby B

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