Just Call Me a Skeptic

Dear FlyLady,  First it was the feather duster, I bought it with a boatload of skepticism. It works wonderfully! Then it was the calendar…I’ve had one every year since at least 2005…the only one that works in my household!

Then the wallet…didn’t like it much until I realized that I was trying to pack too much into it…It works too now that I only carry what I use every day.

Then the timer…yep, wonderful. And the car duster…uh huh…wonderful. And today I received the Purple Rags…washed them and immediately used them on a mirror that has had film on it for two years…shined with no film or streaks, even took off the toothpaste with just the dampness from washing….I’ve also just received the water bottle (ok so I’m skeptical…but hopeful). I’ll let you know…..

Thanks for researching all these great tools for us.

Enjoy Your Day!


FlyLady here: I want to give my own testimonial about the water bottles. I used to drink room temperature water because I could not stand for the bottles to sweat and drip on my table. Now that I have our water bottle, I am enjoying the taste of cold water again.

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