August Habit #19 My Story Of Handling Laundry


Dear FlyLady,

I’d like to share my story of handling laundry.

Even though we live just two of us, my husband and I, and I do not work, it has always been a lot of work for me to do our laundry. I hated it – so I would only do it when it was absolutely necessary; that is, we ran out of clean clothes, or there is no space in laundry baskets, and the clothes would start to pile around it on the floor, which made our bedroom look messy. That was the moment when I would get to it.

For one thing, it took all day (since there was lots of clothes) of running washing machine, then dryer, then folding (maybe), almost never put away right away. Often times I would just put pile of clean dry clothes on the chair in the living room hoping to get to it later; and the pile would stay there for days till I get in the mood. As a result the clothes would collect dust, and always needed ironing. As you can see – no fun.

What changed my life is getting your idea of laundry being a 5-step process of sorting, washing, drying, folding, putting away. And doing laundry a pile a day makes it manageable to do the whole process all at once.

No more clothes piles in the living room. No ironing needed. And we always have clothes to wear.

Thanks a lot for your system!!

Flying in San Francisco.

Dear FlyLady,

I just discovered another use for those amazing purple rags!

On two different occasions I sat on a chair with duct tape that had rolled up and it left adhesive on 2 pairs of my pants.  I tried the usual chemical fix, but it left a stain on the one pair.

While ironing the other pair of pants, I remembered reading that one had been used to remove paint.

I thought why not try the purple rags on the adhesive.  Sure enough, it was able to remove the adhesive completely!!!

Thanks for this amazing tool!

Flying in South Carolina

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